The Puppet Masters and Child Molesters of Mordor

Consider some of the brainwashed people the MFs in Mordor have created. There are mass murderers, child molesters, female and gay zombies used to get dirt on politicians and rapists. In Mordor you don’t “make it” (out of body) unless they have something on you. When they rig elections the ones they are promoting they already own.

Consider Wesley Allan Dodd and Edmund Munger. Both were child molesters reprogrammed between lifetimes and groomed by handlers. Because they had been enemies of the fascists the Nazi Controllers (dirty sorcerers) of Washington programmed them to do their dirty work.

We watch them doing the same thing thing with their shit show in NM. They want to blame their puppet master skills on the guy who teaches people about it. It’s their juvenile way. They do it around his house – political bs by mental midgets (Fromm and his rapists) playing god as they always have. They created armies of zombies while they ruled Europe the same way.

The point is, why would they be out of their bodies in NM putting on a political show when they have the creators of these child molesters running amuck in their own state? We get they can travel out of their bodies to any place in the world to play god. Wouldn’t it be more logical for them to solve the problems they have in their own fiefdom?

The obvious answer is – the creators of the molesters are working with Fromm and his Valkyries. They also own the police. They had their boy Epstein buy a house near the town of their enemy in NM. This was to get dirt, therefore control, on people that helped Fromm’s son stop his race war attempts. Epstein was also an enemy of the fascist sorcerers in his past life. They programmed and handled him for use in their political plots (case study 7).

It is fairly obvious that the racist sorcerers and the child molesting sorcerers of Mordor are working together if not actually the same sorcerers. They wouldn’t have time to put on their political show in NM if this were not the case.