More ALT Propaganda

The first SARS pandemic occurred in 2002 and originated in Guangdong China. The SARS virus is very similar to the Covid 19 virus. That year Dr Anthony Fauci and his NIAID ( part of the NIH) began assisting the Wuhan Institute of Virology (DailymailUK) with research grants. After lab accidents brought the program to the attention of the press in October of 2014 then President Obama ordered the funding to cease.

It is easy to point the blame at “the government” in cases like this unless one fully comprehends the US government. It’s a disparate grouping of individuals and departments. Can we say for sure that George Bush Jr knew Fauci had set funding to the lab or that Barrack Obama knew about it before the accidents? $3.7 million is a lot to most of us, it’s nothing in federal expenditure talk. It’s an amount that probably isn’t even noticeable.

What it did do was allow People’s Republic of China President for Life Xi Jinping and his loyalists a thin way to accuse the US of the Coronavirus outbreak (NBCNews). Fauci’s gods are soooo tricky.

It also gave steam to the hijacked and Washington State run QAnon website to mimic the accusations. Much like the Russian propaganda they repeat about the War in Ukraine. Fauci helped create the anti-vax movement simply by being the guy telling us to get our shots and wear a mask. Understand the fascist giant Controllers want to burn the witches and Jews at the stake, like they did during the holocaust.