What Happened to Q?

The QAnon theory started around October of 2017, right after the great psychic shit show of Northern CA. I didn’t pay attention to it until March 15 of 2019. That’s when Brenton Harrison Tarrant of Australia shot up a mosque and an Islamic cultural center in Christchurch NZ. According to the news he had posted his manifesto and a link to a video of the spree on 8chan. Subsequently 8chan was taken offline. There was talk of his links to the QAnon board on 8chan.

Things like this are not random. Tarrant was a zombie, handled by someone with a link to Australia and New Zealand. He was brainwashed to commit this crime or was buying his way into the corporation for his next lifetime like Jack Ruby. Some racist power feared Q. I looked up their board on Endchan.

What I noticed was the varying views of the posters. One meme was a picture of Barrack Obama on a skateboard with sunglasses on and the caption “Remember When We Had A Cool President?” The next post (a reply) stated “You spelled fag wrong.” Obviously the two posters had differing opinions of former president Obama.

Once or twice a week I would check in on the board. The slogan on the top said “We meme, we research, we pray.” There was no pornographic content and very little swearing. There were a few posters who were anti semitic and/or racist against blacks, but they weren’t the norm.

The whole thing revolved around the idea that Trump was surrounded by “deep state” operatives. These people had infiltrated to the upper echelons of government and were making maneuvers behind the scenes. Also Trump was going to keep them at bay, possibly reveal them, and defeat them for once and all. As you know from past posts, I’m not much of a Trump supporter. He has managed to keep us out of any new wars (Jewish Press) and for that I’m grateful.

It’s not so strange an idea really; a deep state. President Kennedy believed there to be a silent hand in US government. Particularly when he had the Bay of Pigs Invasion shoved into his lap with no warning. He hadn’t been informed of the plan or consulted. Fauci had been sending funds to the Wuhan China Bio Weapons lab since 2002. In 2014 the World Health Organization raised alarm bells and a surprised president Obama had to order Fauci to desist. Believing presidents know all that government is doing is naive. Believing the president makes all the decisions is simply dangerous. It’s like believing the holocaust was the result of one man’s insanity. that’s a lie. It takes many people and a lot of money to create events of that magnitude. It’s also important to understand the real deep state will invent fake conspiracy theories to throw people off the trail. They will blame their enemies for their activities. They will introduce imposter giants to mislead people who can hear and see.

Strange things began to happen around the QAnon theories again. More violence and a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Tx in August of 2019. The FBI began to get interested in QAnon conspiracy theorists. That’s when things got really weird.

2 new QAnon site opened up on 8kun. I checked them out. One was a base of past posts; an archive. The other was a new message board. I perused it briefly and immediately noticed some differences. The “We meme, we research, we pray” had been replaced by porn, straight and gay. The opinions were more uniform, much of it anti semitic and extremely anti left. The original Q site on Endchan seemed well monitored, there was no pornography. There was no exclusion of racist views, but as I said before, there were a variety of political viewpoints represented among posters.

The other thing; QAnon Research on Endchan is still there. There are still posts, although less numerous, to the board. Supposedly the original Q, an unknown individual, was on 8kun. I doubt this to be accurate. I am convinced Someone has hijacked Q.

The leading theory; it was Washington State resident Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan. He is possibly under duress.

The purpose of hijacking Q? It represents power and influence. It’s possible there really is a deep state and the hijacker is a handler, agent or member of that group. If so he or she may be out to discredit the whole idea of a deep state by acting like an idiot. He may be trying to find out who these people are because they want a list of aware people. Aware people is who they are trying to burn at the stake, or gas in the chambers, depending on the historical reference one prefers.

It may be coincidence but the timing of the changes in Q corresponds to the death of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s also about the same time Trump began appointing former Neo Cons to posts in his administration. By this I mean wonder boys formerly appointed by Regan, Bush Sr and Bush Jr. It’s an odd thing for a republican who ran against the Neo Con faction to make these selections.

Q got hijacked by the gods of the deep state, and they are leading the followers like lemmings off a cliff.