The Q Lemmings are Ready to Take the Leap

Q Anon got hijacked by the real deep state.

  • The ones interested in keeping you from getting a vaccinated are the ones who had the disease cooked up in the first place. It didn’t give them the casualty count they hoped for.
  • Fauci’s role was to provide them a way to blame it on our government and our democracy.
  • The deep state infiltrators in general use the above strategy. They are manipulating events to make democracy seem evil and filling people’s heads with garbage to attempt a take over.
  • Saying Trump won when he obviously lost are the same guys who rigged the elections in 2000, 2004 and 2016. They created a protest in DC to get people’s attention off what they’ve been doing
  • They made sure the National Guard didn’t show up – think about that
  • The Q Anon types who went to DC are no longer “Anon.” They have been video taped and tagged. They can be followed to see who they associate with – hot potatoes.
  • They did the same thing to Antifa protesters in Portland by detaining and tagging people in unmarked black cars and then letting them go.
  • Protests can be infiltrated, an infiltrator posing as a protester can commit a violent act to escalate the situation. Hoping for mass hysteria to kick in that will serve to de-legitimize the protesters.
  • An infiltrator can also gain intel.
  • Tomorrow’s planned protest is a bad idea.
  • Attending it is a worse one.