Free Trading our Way to Marxism

The concept of Free Trade in order to build a one world economy has helped China advance it’s technological capabilities. Technology can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the hands that use it. The Chinese will go to great means, including theft and spying, to get their hands on new tech.

Chinese culture has become modernized and a rise in their middle class is a positive thing. One would hope this would decrease the ethnocentric nature of Chinese culture. If so, it hasn’t resulted in policy changes from the Communist Chinese government on issues like the Uyghur minority, Tibet or the Falun Gong. The protesters for democracy in Hong Kong do not relish being integrated into the Chinese surveillance state, also financed by cheap labor on the global market and with a complete disregard for environmental impact.

This South China Morning Post story is about the addition of two nuclear submarines to the Chinese Navy. Are we on the way to another cold war paid for with US dollars? Are cheap foreign made goods worth a future darkened once again by the specter of imminent nuclear destruction? While the leaders of the West have been attempting to create a one world government the Chinese government has been cashing in and building a war machine.

Richard Nixon was the first one that talked about a New World Order. He spoke of it in China. He believed because the “gods” had been reincarnated in the US, democracy would defeat Marxism. He also pulled us out of Vietnam. China had been backing the North and the Vietcong. As time went by some of the power players began to question why the “gods” were helping China. They suggested that the fall of the Soviet Wall had caused people to lose their fear. That fear was what kept them obedient to the US government.

What Nixon and the arrogant power players didn’t get was the “gods” are Marxists. Creating a world half Socialist and half Communist was their plan from the beginning. If the Germans hadn’t been defeated, Europe would have been set up that way. The Masons vastly underestimated Fromm and his cohorts.

To rule the world the Marxists would have to pretend the Socialists and Communists were enemies. There could be eternal war and soul harvesting; no one would be the wiser. In fact, no one would be aware anyone was ruling the entire world at all.

Has it occurred to anyone that Xi Jinping and other Marxists probably worship Karl Marx?