Alt Propaganda

Where is the “alt” propaganda coming from? Some people think Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. They think former KGB agent and Russian President for Life Vlad Putin had real cause to invade because the “Ukrainians are Nazis” – that’s a twist. Russian forces have intentionally rocketed civilian housing. Ukraine’s parliament ousted Viktor Yanukovich in Feb 2014, Russia invaded the Crimea in March.

It’s as if they are getting their conspiracy theories from Tass News. Vlad and his Controllers know the only way he can win is if Ukraine loses support. The propaganda coming from the Russian government, closely mirrored by so called conspiracy theorists, is designed to make that happen.

The giant fascists are politicians first, a force of oppression second. That means they are masters of lies.

John 8:44 You are from your father, the devil, and you prefer to do what your father wants. He was a murderer from the start; he was never grounded in the truth; there is no truth in him at all. When he lies he is speaking true to his nature, because he is a liar, and the father of lies56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to think that he would see my Day; he saw it and was glad

8chan is the home of the discredited QAnon conspiracy theory.”Brennan himself officially resigned in July 2016, turning the site (8chan) over to its owner, Jim Watkins” Wikipedia “James Arthur Watkins was born in Dayton, Washington, and grew up on a family farm in Mukilteo, Washington.” Wikipedia

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Hanns Rauter

These are the birth (top) and death charts of Johann Baptist Albin Rauter (4 February 1895 – 24 March 1949). He was an Austrian born Nazi officer who was in charge of SS activities in occupied Netherlands. He reported directly to Heinrich Himmler. He was in charge of two concentration camps and deported no less than 110,000 Jews to Germany. He executed a number of Dutch dissenters. He was tried by the Dutch in The Hague and sentenced to death. He was put to death by firing squad in 1949.

Rush Limbaugh

This man is Rush Limbaugh (January 12, 1951 – February 17, 2021). Rush was a right wing radio commentator with controversial views. After the repeal of the FCC’s fairness doctrine Rush was able to air his political opinions without providing for opposing views. Attempts to reinstate the policy were vetoed or threatened to be vetoed by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. This turned him into the mouthpiece of the Neo Con faction. He took a brief stint as a NFL commentator but resigned after a few weeks due to racist remarks. He continued his talk show often making ridiculous claims blaming leftists for things like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Christchurch mosque shootings. He also consistently blamed the democrats for the failures of the Neo Con faction, particularly the economy. His tactics of cutting off or talking over those with different views made sure he never lost an argument. He died of complications from lung cancer in 2021.