Can You Handle This ???

The Handlers are living people who serve Controllers. The Controllers are living white men. Most of them are wealthy. Some pretend to be left wingers and some pretend to be right wingers. The truth is they don’t believe in democracy at all. They believe in ruling over other people. They believe socialism is the easiest way to facilitate their continued rule. They wish to erase all history of their past, particularly that in religious texts.

The giant ones who can control less powerful souls with their minds are Controlling people. The reason they are giant is because they steal energy from living people, usually who are asleep. They can use people who are out of their bodies like puppets, control their actions and even speak through their voices. This is done during the lit up Shit Show, each Controller is controlling one of the souls in the show. Some out of body handlers may be acting on their own. These souls are trapped. This is also how the dead are brainwashed, although the show is for political purposes and distraction.

Currently, some of the Controllers like to camp out, put on a show and blame it on someone who is either sleeping or ignoring them. They are trying to pass the buck. Usually they are lying on their stomachs or hovering above the show. The particular ones doing this in Santa Fe have spent a long time being worshiped as gods and/or demons. They actually live in the Pacific Northwest. There are 7 of them, Phil is their boss. They want to blame people in the SW for their activities.

They want people to believe they are invulnerable but, they die and reincarnate like everyone else. They put their pant legs on one at a time. Wealthy cultists facilitate their protection when they are children. They created the Third Reich in their last lifetime. In the past they have replaced each other to pretend they live for 100s of years. They do not want anyone to know they are human.

They have maintained psychic or sorcerer dominance by killing off the competition. They kill men women and children. The most effective methods for this are politics and religion. Often their political manipulations don’t make sense because most don’t understand their goals. Once the simple fact they are after mass murder and souls sinks in, their activities are easily comprehended. Gaining political and religious influence under any circumstances is necessary for their continued rule of the other side.

They figured out in the 19th Century their history is traceable. The do not like the Tanakh nor Yazidism. They are trying to wipe them and the people who keep these beliefs from history.

Four Turkish soldiers were killed in Northern Iraq fighting the Kurdish PKK (al-Jazeera). Aspiring President for Life Recep Erdogan <<has troops in Syria and Iraq on his anti-Kurd crusade.

Iran has launched missile and drone attacks on Kurds in the Northern Iraqi town of Koya, killing 13 (al-Jazeera). According to the article “Tariq Haidari, the mayor of Koya, said that one of the dead was a pregnant woman.” The Ayatollah Khameni’s <<Iranian government has accused Kurds of supporting Iranian protesters that have been demonstrating for the last 11 days. The protests erupted after the death of Masha Amini while in custody for not wearing a hijab (Huffington Post).

Did you know? Karl Marx and Freiderich Engels described and elevated both Socialism and Communism?

Yazidism, alternatively Sharfadin or (Kurdish) Şerfedîn is the religion of the Yazidi people (Wikipedia). “There is a disagreement among scholars and in Yazidi circles on whether the Yazidi people are a distinct ethnoreligious group or a religious sub-group of the Kurds.” “..the 2014 Yazidi genocide that was carried out by the Islamic State saw over 5,000 Yazidis killed and thousands of Yazidi women and girls forced into sexual slavery, as well as the flight of more than 500,000 Yazidi refugees.” (Wikipedia)

In the Yazidi myth of creation, Tawûsê Melek refused to bow before Adam, the first human, when God ordered the Seven Angels to do so. The command was actually a test, meant to determine which of these angels was most loyal to God by not prostrating themselves to someone other than their creator (Wikipedia).

What do Erdogan, Khameni and the Islamic State have in common? They are trying to destroy the Kurds and Yazidis. Someone and his djinn don’t like their beliefs anymore than they like the religion of the Jews.