Case Study 57

These three shootings share similarities. All three were committed by young men who used AR-15 styled rifles. None of them had formal training or much practice using them. The perpetrators all had posted their violent views, two of them racist, online. They should not have legally been allowed to own the weapons they used. All three of them had interesting past lives that did not fit with the behavior they exhibited in this one. All three had been programmed between lifetimes by living men who astrally project. All three provided more child souls for these sorcerer gods to brainwash. All three provided excuses for gun control because the gods are just men.

The Case Studies page has other examples of former heroes turned into criminals between lifetimes.

The man on the left is Benjamin O’Davis Jr (December 18, 1912 – July 4, 2002), commander of the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. The unit was composed of black pilots and served with great distinction. O’Davis later became the Air Forces first black Brigadier General. He died on July 4th, 2002 and is interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

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The man on the right is Salvador Ramos (May 16, 2004 – May 24, 2022) was the shooter a the Robb Elementary School shooting. A few days after his 18th birthday he purchased 2 AR-15 rifles and ammunition. On the 24th of May he shot his grandmother then texted an online friend. He proceeded to the elementary school and shot and killed 19 students and 2 teachers in the 4th grade classrooms. He was shot and killed by law enforcement (NewYorkPost).

Ramos’ social media acquaintances said he openly abused and killed animals such as cats and would livestream the abuse on Yubo. Other social media acquaintances said that he would also livestream himself on Yubo threatening to kidnap and rape girls who used the app, as well as threatening to commit a school shooting.

The man on the left is Elliot Lee Richardson (July 20, 1920 – December 31, 1999). He was the US Attorney General for President Richard Nixon. Richardson resigned rather than obey Nixon’s request to fire Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor of the Watergate Scandal. He was a Harvard Law School graduate, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a 33rd degree Mason of the Scottish Rite. He died in 1999 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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On the right is Jonathan Sapirman (November 30, 2001 – July 17, 2022) the perpetrator at the Greenwood Park Mall shootings in Greenwood Indiana. During a 5-year period (from 2017 to 2022) he made over 700 comments on posts about mass shooters via his 2 Reddit accounts. He committed the shootings with 2 AR-15 style rifles and a Glock pistol. He was fascinated with Nazi Germany and the strategies of mass shooters. Obviously his djinn had him thinking about this for a while ahead of time. He killed 3 people and wounded 2 others including a 12 year old girl. He was shot and killed by an armed citizen Elisjsha Dicken.

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The man on the left is Joseph Schermetzler (February 12, 1946 – March 26, 2002). He was better known as Joe Schermie the original bass player for the band Three Dog Night. He left the band in 1973 and formed his own group the SS Fools. He worked with Stephen Stills and Toto lead singer Bobby Kimbal among others. He died in 2002 of a heart attack.

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On the right is Payton Gendron (June 20, 2003 = present) perpetrator of the racially motivated Buffalo supermarket shooting. In June 2021, he had been investigated for threatening other students at his high school by the police. A teacher had asked him about his plans after the school year, and he responded, “I want to murder and commit suicide.” He had an online trail of racist views and a manifesto of white supremacist views.

10 people were killed and 3 wounded on May 14, 2022 after Gendron walked into Tops Friendly Market in a predominately black neighborhood in Buffalo and began shooting people with an AR-15 style rifle. He was talked into surrendering by police.

Whatever possessed them?