Tricky Dick Visits China

50 years ago, on Feb 21, 1972, Republican President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon began a week long tour of the People’s Republic of China – yes, the communist one (Wikipedia). At the time the US was embroiled in the Vietnam War. The fighting was against Viet Cong guerillas and North Vietnamese Army regulars. Both groups were financed and supplied by the PRC’s Chairman Mao Zedong.

Mao, like most Marxist dictators, purged his society of undesirables. The Chinese Cultural Revolution saw intellectuals and those with anti communist sentiment sent to camps or executed. It is estimated 1 1/2 million people lost their lives (Chicagoan). They have since been reborn. Their experience in the big reeducation camp in the sky between lives and enculturation during childhood will make them good little communists.

Upon being introduced to Nixon for the first time, Mao, speaking through his translator, said to Nixon: “I believe our old friend Chiang Kai-shek would not approve of this”. Mao also joked that “I voted for you during your last election.” Nixon, charmed, said “you voted for the lesser of two evils,” and Mao replied, “I like rightists, I am comparatively happy when these people on the right come into power.” (Wikipedia)

Nixon gave a speech talking about the desire to forge a peace between the two nations. The repercussions are still felt today. US Presidents have still not supported Taiwan’s bid for recognition as a sovereign nation. During his speech Nixon referred to the nations’ desire to forge a New World Order. Nixon’s speech can be heard on YouTube.

The New World Order was believed to be in the hands of the US, because the Controllers had been reborn here. It was believed that with the proper upbringing all fascist tendencies could be purged. That has proven to be very incorrect.

Fact is they have their own agenda – that agenda is historically consistent. When taking over a religion and making it part of their control mechanism they always done it the same way. They make two official versions – just enough different to give the adherents something pointless to argue about. This was the case with the Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the Roman Empire instituted by filicist Constantine I.

In this way people can be controlled, they are too busy fighting with each other to see the forest. If we look at major religions this pattern repeats. There are Sunni and Shia Islam for example. But the authorities will never appreciate Gnostic Christianity nor Sufi Islam – they throw a monkey wrench in the mix.

Socialism and Communism – brainchildren of Marx and Engels, come from the same book. The Bolshevik Revolution and the Rise of the Third Reich were helped along by many of the same powers and people (Case Study 44). The anti Bolshevik stance of the Nazis was staged propaganda. The agenda of the Controllers is to form a world controlled by Communist and Socialist one party nations. Democracy is looked upon by them as the third wheel, much like Sufism and Gnosticism. Economic freedom is in the same category in their view. They seek to replace religions with psychology and eliminate the Jews. This will, they hope, erase record of their long history.

As such they have been sabotaging, through the manipulation of individuals, US interests. They are trying to push our nation toward socialism. If they think they will be unsuccessful they want to weaken the US and strengthen it’s enemies. They have been blaming the symptoms of this conspiracy on the targets of their efforts. Blaming the victims so to speak. These targets include the Masons, Jews and the US government.