Time Travel Paradox

The time travel paradox is the idea that if one were to travel in time and create an impossible scenario one may cease to exist. It is postulated a drastic change might occur that would alter reality itself.

One might travel back in time and kill one’s own grandfather before one’s father was born. This would not preclude the traveler’s existence. Our souls reincarnate. The killer’s soul would still exist. Reincarnated in a different family perhaps, or to the same mother with a different father.

Say one were to travel back to 1920 and kill Adolph Hitler to prevent the rise of the Third Reich. One would fail miserably. The attempt is based on the premise the Nazi takeover was the result of the activities of one man; that premise is false. Germany was already infiltrated. The generals, politicians, priests (psychologists in this case) had risen to their positions and all that was necessary was a staged “revolution.” Hitler was not the boss. A different person would have become the Fuhrer, handled by the same Controller.

This brings us to a question. Many of the reincarnated famous are out there. Why are they not more prominent in politics now? Imagine Hitler’s reincarnation running for president today. His personal appearance would freak people out.

That holds true for any of the more recognizable Nazis. None of them were really the boss. This is true of Hitler, Goering, Himmler, and others. They were all being handled by the more powerful. This lifetime they weren’t able to join the military. Ostensibly this was to appease the official powers they wouldn’t try to take over. The military can be a ticket to a political career. It works to the Controller’s advantage also, those guys’ features are distinctive.

Having been guided, or handled, to their positions of power the “emperor” gets to move in and handle whomever he pleases. The one handling Hitler last time is the same guy running around handling world leaders this time, falsely claiming to be Rommel.