The Flip Side of Marx’s Faction

From the recent post Marx’s Faction we pointed out that by pushing society too far to the right the Marxists hope to create a socialist backlash. Marx, calling himself Rommel, commanded the Neo Cons on a path of environmental and economic destruction along with some cases of dirty pool.

Some cohorts spread false propaganda blaming the masons and Jews for their actions. Still others sell Socialism as the answer to this mess. They do not want anyone to know that’s why they created the mess in the first place. This requires a few puppets. They also do not want a peaceful transition (see Case Study 10). A peaceful transition precludes a mass soul harvesting event like the holocaust.

Here is Professor Wolfenstien

Karl Kautsky
Eugene Victor Wolfenstien

On the left is the birth chart of Karl Kautsky. Kautsky was a socialist who helped edit Karl Marx‘s “Theory of Surplus Value” at the behest of Friedrich Engels. He was critical of the Bolsheviks. He was a member of the SPDP who initially supported Hitler’s war but changed his mind when it became apparent the war would be a long one. He co authored “The Erfurt Program” with August Bebel and Eduard Bernstein (see Case Study 10). Marxisms’ vulnerability to exploitation by dictators is antithetical to democratic principles. Complete economic control is based in feudalism. His life is a testament to these facts. His wife died in Auschwitz.

On the right is the birth chart of Eugene Victor Wolfenstein, a prominent professor of political science at UCLA. He was a psychoanalyst and social theorist. He must have been convinced to change his mind between lifetimes. He taught slavery and racism were the result of capitalism and lectured on Marx and Nietsche. Slavery existed long before capitalism. Socialist Nazi Germany and communist Soviet Union used slavery in their concentration camps and gulags. He may not have remembered that part. Then again, maybe he did.

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