More Chart Understanding

I posted an essay (here) on reading charts for the purpose of tracking reincarnations. It was a simplified version for the easiest type of charts.

There are more complicated cases. Tracking a soul who has suffered a traumatic death adds a degree of difficulty. The soul’s next incarnation will be partially related to the time of the last death. You’ll notice in the Case Studies certain entries have the death chart included. These are cases of traumatic death.

What determines traumatic death is very much dependent upon the individual’s psyche. Was the person shot and instantly killed? Did one die slowly next to the corpse of a loved one in a car wreck on a remote road? Was a person tortured or die in a gas chamber with 100 other people choking for 20 minutes?

This should twist your noodle. Most of the high ranking Nazis committed suicide by pill. Hitler and Goebbels died of self inflicted gunshots. All of these men understood the concepts of reincarnation I describe in my writings. Of the reasons to administer a torturous death, one is to complicate efforts to find and identify the reincarnated soul.

Mainly because of this it is not standard practice to attempt to identify souls that are far removed in time through the use of charts. The reason is obvious, a drastic alteration in the persons chart through a traumatic death may cause a new trend in birth patterns. (It is argued that over time the persons chart will migrate back to it’s original alignment).

Some religions, sects and societies keep record of certain persons incarnations. The Lamas of Tibet are an example. Currently the People’s Republic of China has assigned new people to the Lama positions in Tibetan society.

There is another type of record kept of reincarnated souls, in historical writings. The analysis of behaviors can provide us with a track record. People tend to repeat their life patterns and some quirks. This is traceable when we are looking for a person of historic importance.

One of the people everyone wants to find is the MF. Who is this guy and why is he always portrayed as having been on the right side of history? Upon honest analysis it becomes apparent he was actually evil. The key to identifying him is his tendency toward filicide – the killing of ones own children. He eats his young. People have been documenting this guy for a long time to warn us.