A Case of Filicide

Disclaimer; I have never given a lecture, seminar or public appearance at any venue, vlog or any platform including YouTube.

I pointed out in yesterday’s blog that using charts to relate people in history requires a continuum approach. It is necessary to show a chain of reincarnations. Sometimes there will be skips in the chain. If a person dies as a child there may be no historic record of them. The same if they live a lifetime or two as ordinary people. Sometimes while researching we find person’s whose birth isn’t recorded; Ferdinand Cortez is one such man. Today, with the excuse of identity security, birth dates are published less often.

I also pointed out that certain persons life patterns can and have been used to attempt to identify people. These have been written down in a place where the MFs can’t (or shouldn’t be able to) touch them; religious writings. They take over these religions and attempt to rewrite them. They can infiltrate the Catholic Church at will because it is very hierarchical in structure and it’s authority is centralized. It was intentionally organized in this way.

There are many versions of the Bible. It has been rewritten numerous times. The best version of any book is the original one, or at least the earliest one can find. In these versions we can see how the books have been rewritten and figure out who benefits. The best versions for any “Old Testament” book is the one in the earliest known translation of the Tanakh, the Jewish bible.

The “New Testament” books were assembled during the Councils of Nicea. The first was in 325 AD, assembled by the first christian Emperor of Rome, Constantine I. Constantine killed his son Crispus and wife Fausta. Constantine I was guilty of filicide. The MF had taken over a religion he and his kind had been unable to crush.

Centuries of rape and torture of Christians and the attempt to reprogram their souls failed. The public spectacle was intended to put fear into observers, just like today in the Uyghur Camps in China or the night sky in Western States. Rather than succumb they made Christianity out to be their idea in the first place. They bent it to their will for the next 13 centuries; the Second Reich.

These Councils determined what books were to be included in the Catholic Bible. In particular the “New Testament” writings were selected. 4 of the known 42 Gospels were included. Most of the others are the writings of Paul. Christian adherents in the region of the Dead Sea hid their scrolls from the Romans and some miraculously survived. They were discovered in 1947 in Qumran around the time Israel again became a nation.

All these texts should be considered by the serious researcher looking for the truth in history.