Race Wars and Filicide

The giant calling himself Erwin Rommel, who is actually Friedrich Fromm, has been running around announcing the need to start a race war “for the environment.” He’s been doing this since 1992. He attempted to make it out to look like his son’s idea about a week before the beating of Rodney King.

Unfortunately for Fromm, his son sounded off about the real reason, to create violence and chaos that would lead to a government crackdown and martial law. Also, Fromm and his buddies were the one’s directing the events and handling the people involved. They were observed around the event by those who can see. They achieved riots but only after the officers involved were found not guilty.

In 2019 – 2020 there was a rash of events where unarmed black men were killed by police; whatever possessed them? In May of 2020 the shooting of George Floyd by officer Derek Chauvin sparked protests across the US. The Black Lives Matter movement increased in popularity. Again no race war occurred.

The first attempts to encourage a race war date back to Charles Mason and the Manson Family. He believed and preached an idea he called Helter Skelter; causing chaos to bring about a race war that would end our society. He gained these ideas while incarcerated at McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington State. He and most of his followers were arrested in 1969 following the Tate LaBianca Murders.

Prior to this, in 1968, a peaceful and influential black preacher, Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, TN (see this post). It is easier to start a war without peaceful men to calm people into common sense.

Did you know that Karl Marx had 5 children? His two sons died before reaching adulthood. The official cause given was “neglect.” His two daughters, whom he addressed with the shameless petnames “Hottentot” and “Empress of China,” committed suicide. His fifth child, an illegitimate son, was the only survivor. see More Chart Understanding and A Case of Filicide

The attempt to create racial strife was not for the environment, Fromm worked this life for an oil company until he retired in 2011. To the right and big business execs Fromm selling the attempt as an environmentalist idea would make him a hero. Getting enough leftists to believe in the idea simply adds ill gained credibility to his end.

The truth is Fromm and Co were lying to both groups.

We know that Fromm and other fascists from Mordor are racist. Common sense dictates in the event of a domestic war the government may crack down on civil liberties. The country would not disintegrate under such conditions. Fromm hoped he had enough influence with officials to generate this lock down. It could be used to stimulate mass arrests and an uprising against the government itself.

The end game would be, if many lives were lost they could be programmed and upon reincarnation would be taught to be good little socialists. The lives could be lost in a civil war, a pandemic, caused by overly zealous troops, or incurred in detention centers. It doesn’t matter how the souls are gained, or for what cause they die. Once they are acquired they can be re educated and society permanently altered to a dystopian form Controllers believe will be easier for them to manage.