Handling James Earl Ray

Fromm, who calls himself Rommel, has been trying to convince people he wants to start a “race war to save the environment” from the evils of pollution. We had sympathy for him in ’68 the first time Fromm and Co attempted to start one with the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King and the teachings of Charles Manson. Of course Fromm rode a desk in WWII and commanded the Army based in Germany proper.

Fromm is actually a racist who worked for BP (and Aramco) until he retired at the age of 65. He doesn’t give a damn about the environment. He doesn’t show his true self to many. Most have always believed him to be Erwin Rommel.

Why is this so hard for some people to believe? Because their subconscious is intimidated by him. People believe what they want to believe and who they fear. The leftists think He’s for the environment and think it’s funny he’s tricking the oil companies. The right wingers think it’s funny their hero is tricking the left. The truth is he’s out to screw everyone and take over; with a proxy of course.

James Earl Ray was the gunman who shot King. He did this from a hotel room and then escaped in a white Ford Mustang. The Memphis police tried to stop a white Mustang going north. The driver ran. It turned out to be a different person, and Ray escaped by traveling south.

Ray then boarded a flight to Europe from Canada where he had acquired a fake ID. He attempted to travel to Africa. Rwanda was his final destination; he expected a hero’s welcome. Rwanda’s government claimed they would have arrested him. He was arrested instead in London.

We need to understand handlers and spirit guides. They are just people out of their body moving other people around and influencing their thoughts. They like to act as if they are benevolent helpers, and guides are acting as such. Others will force body movements and overpower the thoughts of targeted people with their own; this is done by handlers. Handlers prefer people to think they are guides. Superstition which protects those getting out of their bodies also makes people more vulnerable to influence. Handlers are twisted liars and are politically motivated

In the case of Ray we know Fromm handled him; because Fromm bragged about it. Fromm was obsessed with colonial Africa and apartheid in particular. In Fromm’s 22 year old mind he thought Rwanda would accept Ray. Ray therefore thought so too. Anyone listening would have thought Ray was the one making the plans when Fromm was thinking.

Fromm played it off in the 4th D by claiming to have simply brought Ray to justice. He did, but only because he got caught handling Ray. He was handling Ray before the assassination and through to his capture.

The driver of the other white Ford Mustang was handled by Fromm’s MF. He was handled to get a hotel room nearby. He was there when the assassination happened and led the police on a wild goose chase. This facilitated Ray’s escape while Fromm guided him in the opposite direction.

To the normal observer this appears to be conspiratorial. It is conspiratorial, but has nothing to do with the government, Masons or Jews. Fromm and Co have their own propaganda machine cranking out bs theories to pass the buck.

The propaganda feeds into their strategy of getting people to hate democracy and want to revolt. If people ever do revolt, violently or through the electoral process, Fromm’s guys will be providing the revolutionary leader. They hate the Masons and Jews. The former because they might defend democracy and the latter because of the Tanakh.

The propaganda comes in the form of social media, radio, books etc. Some of the authors are being guided. In other words they are fascist authors being helped by out of body fascists. Other authors are being handled, tricked into thinking they are being guided by benevolent beings. Those beings are also just fascists getting out of their body.

Don’t believe everything they think.

The reason Fromm and Co used Karl Harrer (James Earl Ray)? He had been a member of the masonic Thule society that created the DAP. He left the DAP when Hitler took over. Hitler was handled/guided to the DAP as a military intelligence agent. His handler made this happen so the Masons could be blamed for the future activities of the NSDAP. It’s a CYA thing.

James Earl Ray

Karl Harrer
James Earl Ray

On the left is the death chart of Karl Harrer founder of the DAP or Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German Worker’s Party. This organization would later morph into the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei better known as the NAZI party. Hitler was sent by German Military intelligence to infiltrate the party and ended up transforming it from a semi secret society into a populist movement. Harrer left the organization as he was opposed to this transformation. Harrer was a right wing political author and white supremacist. Hitler honored him with the title Reichs Chancellor.

On the right is the birth chart of James Earl Ray. Ray was deeply interested in the election campaign of George Wallace and his segregationist stance. He was also interested in emigrating to Rhodesia to live in an apartheid like society. Ray is best known for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

There are many conspiracy theories involving the FBI, Military Intelligence, the Memphis PD and others. One theory is about a 2nd white Ford Mustang (like the one driven by Ray) being parked on the same block as the hotel where Ray had checked in. Later a car chase (pursuit of a white Mustang) ensued that lured the police north, while Ray drove south out of town. Officials deny the chase ever took place, effectively whitewashing this theory.

Ray went to Canada, London, Portugal and back to London. He was attempting to go to Rwanda were he thought he would be welcome as a hero. Or rather where his guide (pretending to be someone he wasn’t) thought he would. He was arrested there two months after the assassination. He plead guilty and avoided the death penalty. Three days after his conviction he recanted his confession.

James Earl Ray was probably not brainwashed but rather guided. The brainwashers were still in their 20’s, honing their skills.

One thing we can say for sure, it’s difficult to start a race war when a influential black man is stumping for peace. See Case Study 10.

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