Case Study 61

Daniel Harris Reynolds (December 14, 1832 – March 14, 1902) was a lawyer and real estate investor in Arkansas. He was a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army during the Civil war. He lost his left leg in the Battle of Bentonville in March of 1965. The South surrendered, effectively ending the Civil War.

Reynolds married Martha “Mattie” Jean Wallace on November 24, 1868. The couple had five children. Reynolds also fathered an illegitimate child with Anne “Annie” Franklin, a neighbor and wife of one of Reynolds’ business associatesWIkipedia

Reynolds attempted to get into politics, a move that was blocked by Reconstructionists. He returned to practicing law and died in 1902.

Claus von Stauffenberg (15 November 1907 – 21 July 1944) was a German count (Graf) and Colonel in the German Army. He took part in the invasion of Poland and served in a staff position during the invasion of France. In Tunisia he lost his left eye, his right hand, and two fingers on his left hand but was evacuated to Germany. The rest of Afrika Korps was taken prisoners of war.

He became part of the staff of Friedrich Fromm, Commander of the Replacement Army. This was the force in Germany proper. If Hitler were to lose his position, or life, Fromm would be situated to become the new “Fuhrer.” On July 20 of 1944 a group of conspirators made up of Fromm’s staff, including Stauffenberg, attempted to blow up Adolf Hitler. By this point Germany’s loss was imminent. The attempt failed. Fromm had his staff detained and executed against the orders of Hermann Goring. Goring wanted them interrogated and obviously Fromm did not. Fromm was executed 8 months later.

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