That Darn Bernie Guy

The democratic primaries are always a source of frustration for me. I have never been able to understand why the dems seem to do the ground work research on how to knife their own winner. They run against each other, the republican primary candidates run against the democratic nominee. I’ll try not to dive in too deep. One thing is apparent so far, according to CNN’s live poling, Sanders is rocking the caucus.

If you’ve read my material you’ve know I’m not a fan of socialism. I admire Noam Chomsky’s work on press coverage but can’t understand why he thinks governmental control of news organizations would help. One thing that has helped is internet access and the plethora of news sources available today.

Then, there’s Bernie Sanders. I agree with a lot of the things he’s saying. He has a good chance of winning the nomination. I just can’t wrap my head around the “give us full control of everything and we’ll fix it” promise. What if the next guy ends up being like Hugo Chavez?

There is a possibility the backlash is beginning to happen. This could be the warning shot politicians on both sides of the fence need to acknowledge. The working and middle classes have been mutilated by NAFTA/USMCA and the deregulation of industry. Universal healthcare in a nation as wealthy as ours is a no-brainer. Eternal war is the wrong approach to international politics and drains our economy. Statistics based on unemployment claims do not reflect the reality of homelessness or poverty.

Can Sanders beat Trump? If Sanders does win it doesn’t mean our country will instantaneously be ruled by a socialist party. It might mean deadlock in government if congress takes the stance it did during the Obama administration. One thing for sure, a socialist candidate for president is unprecedented in US politics.