The New York Post published a story on the 22nd entitled Don’t Buy China’s Story; The Coronavirus May Have Leaked From a Lab. The story talks about Chinese scientists selling animals to the street market for consumption after they perform tests on them. Wow.

That was followed by a story from The Blaze on the 24th about Chinese President Xi Jinping issuing new orders on “Strengthening Biosecurity Management…” They also report that China’s top Biological Warfare Expert was sent to accelerate containment efforts. The story states evidence points to the lab doing research on SARS-CoV-2. Senator Tom Cotton (R) Arkansas has been vocal in his criticism of China’s handling of the epidemic as noted by this Washington Examiner article.

This South China Morning Post story, dated Feb 26, notes because of the coronavirus and the Trade War with China, Hong Kong’s budget is hitting a record deficit. In the midst of these problems the Hong Kong Police are going to hire 2500 more policeman because of the pro-democracy demonstrations. The HK Police have made upwards of 7,000 arrests linked to the protests. Pro-Democracy politicians in Hong Kong are not happy with this proposal. particularly with the current budget problems.