What's Going On?

It is mind boggling to watch current trends in the United States and Western Europe. Anti-Semitism is making a big comeback. The Gun Control issue never goes away. Socialism is suddenly en-vogue. These trends have one thing in common; they were espoused and instituted by the Nazis. We did win the war didn’t we?

This video from YouTube is a message to Donald Trump from Yeomni Park, an escapee from North Korea.

This story is an op-ed message to Bernie Sanders from Fabiola Santiago of the Miami Herald. Fabiola was a student in Cuba under the Castro regime.

These guys seem to have forgotten people have been coming to the United States to escape the tyranny of Marxist regimes for decades. There are people still struggling for self determination against regimes of this nature today. Is the press turning a blind eye? When is the last time you saw anything about the pro democracy protests in Hong Kong in the news?