Coronavirus and Dictator's Playbook

Today, a Foreign Policy article describes the propaganda effort by China’s government to blame the Coronavirus on the United States. The Chinese government owned Central Committee Publicity Department, formerly called the Propaganda Department tells the world about the superiority of the Chinese Governments handling of the Coronavirus that was invented in the US. That’s right. According to them the disease was invented in an American lab and deaths related to vaping were the cover up.

The Chinese have produced videos and online articles in many different languages for the edification of people in Africa and the Middle East in particular. This video is in Arabic. If you are thinking this sounds like something the government in Tehran would do, you’re thinking correctly.

There’s another move from the Dictator’s Playbook worth considering. When two or more dictators are working together it is often inconvenient for people to know. It is best for them to disguise their allegiance by appearing to be enemies. Like when the former Ayatollah Khomeni referred to the Western god as “The Great Satan.” Everyone was surprised when it was revealed they were helping the US launder money and weapons for the Contras in Nicaragua. There are very few people who know General Soleimani, recently executed by a US missile strike, provided information to US forces on the locations and activities of the Taliban forces in Afghanistan. He was also instrumental in the fight against ISIS.

When considering the Globalist Agenda take note these potentate strategies. The Globalist Agenda is the formation of a one world government. It will have a Socialist economy that prohibits uncontrolled class mobility and religion will be illegal. Those attempting to create this future postulate there are too many people in the world to keep under control.

The coronavirus (nor AIDS, ebola, swine flu or avian flu) should not surprise anyone. It is not out of character when the US fails to call out China for it’s treatment of the Uighur minority in re-education camps. Notice the lack of news coverage of the ongoing pro-democracy Hong Kong Protests. Russian meddling in the democratic affairs of our nation fits this agenda. Russia, as it turns out, is backing both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Until next time; Novus Ordo Seclorum.