Climate Change and Conservatives

Today an article from CNN describes how some young conservatives are embracing the message of environmentalism. Opposed to their older and more entrenched leaders, they want to bring the right into the fight against pollution and human driven climate change. Inspired by young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, they hope the right will join with the left in this important and pervasive issue.

This is an effort that can yield results. Bickering back and forth between the two parties offers deadlock with no positive results. Without results this issue will not be solved. Climate change deniers are people who refuse to listen to hard science. There are virtually no credible scientists who believe humans activity is not driving climate change. Yes there are historical fluctuations in climate but yes, humans are causing the current rate of warming.

The main argument is that unhinged capitalism, that is to say unregulated lassez-faire industrialism, is the problem. This is true. Capitalism without regulation is doomed to failure. It will eventually devolve into Socialism as monopolies and corporate conglomeration proceeds anyway. With the issue of climate change and pollution however, it is important to note the records of Communist and Socialist countries levels of pollution. China is the world’s leader in the production of air pollution.

Class mobility and democracy allow for the change of society. Economic rewards stimulate invention and problem solving technologies. Green technologies can reduce our carbon footprint. Change and flexibility allow us to adapt to problems as they present themselves. Rigorous adherence to dogma and entrenched political ideas (socialist, communist or any other) do not. Hopefully these young conservatives can succeed where the left has failed; by convincing the right to join the left in legislation and other efforts to limit our negative impact on the environment.