Fishing in BC

There’s a rumor circulating the tabloids about Meghan Markle using some sort of magic to brainwash Prince Harry. That’s pretty funny. A lot of tabloid reading is humorous but you’re supposed to laugh at them, not with them. Here’s a older story from Page Six saying the couple would possibly settle in Southern California. Lately they have been looking to move to Vancouver, BC were the sky is always grey.

The internet has not been nice to the couple and it’s a shame. Tabloids usually aren’t all that nice to celebrities. The stories about the goings on in the palace by a so called “insider” are ludicrous speculation at best. If the royal family DID actually believe Meghan was a sorceress they wouldn’t be speaking about it in front of anyone. The story is quite obviously false.

Then there’s this Doktor Snake guy who thinks the NWO operatives killed Princess Dianne and may try to kill Meghan. I guess that’s not so far out. There are tactics to make assassinations look like accidents; a necessity if the target is a celebrity. Getting a paparazzi driver AND the Princess’ driver to wreck would be quite a trick however. The question is why? What would be the point? The only possible reason would be to create an event people might blame on the Royal Family.

With the tabloids one must be careful about what one believes. There’s even a huge tabloid conglomerate. Forbes and The Daily Beast have done articles on it and it’s founder Rupert Murdoch. Always check the facts and apply some logic to these stories.

If the Royal couple wants to get out of the limelight I hope they achieve at least some success. Only thing is, of all the places in the British Commonwealth (a lot of them warm and sunny), why Beautiful BC? Maybe the Prince likes to fish.