Spying on Teachers

Who is this Erik Prince guy anyway? Who was he? Why does the Pentagon, CIA and the UAE give him money? George Jr gave him money, so did Obama. Now, Trump is giving him money; to spy on teachers. Well not exactly teachers but the teachers unions. You know, unions; that bastion of American Capitalism that gives the workers the ability to negotiate working conditions with management. Better than Socialist and Communist revolutions, unions have helped balance workers rights and the needs of business since the Industrial Revolution.

Erik Prince is everyone’s favorite contractor. He formed Blackwater in 1997. Over the next 10 years the company earned $2 billion in US government money, an undisclosed amount of that money was from classified CIA contracts. In 2007, after the Nissour Square Massacre where Blackwater employees killed 17 people, Prince was inspired to rename his enterprise Xe Services. In 2011 private investors bought part of Xe Services and named it Academi. The directors included former NSA director Bobby Ray Inman.

Erik Prince went on to be hired by the United Arab Emerites to form a battalion of mercenaries. Mostly they go to Yemen. There, UAE employed mercenaries carry out the war so their people don’t have to.

Now, it’s been discovered Mr Prince has been recruited by a right wing organizaton called Project Veritas to spy on a democratic congressional campaign and copy files from the American Federation of Teachers. Didn’t Nixon get in trouble for something like that? He even hired a Mi6 agent to do the secret squirrel work (que up Mission Impossible theme song). I guess the guy missed the life of excitement but didn’t want the risk of spying on the SVR-RF. Here’s the story from The HIll. TEACHERS! REALLY?