AWOL UN Report

Doing a quick scan of the Google News headlines page showed 9 of 14 stories were related to the Coronavirus. In the US news section 15 of the first 25 stories and the World section it was 17 of the first 25. That’s about 64% of the news coverage dedicated to one topic. It is pretty big news; scientists are estimating 3.4% death rate compared to the common flu’s rate of about 0.5%.

None of those stories are about the possibility of the Coronavirus having been manufactured in the lab in Wuhan. The mainstream press seems to have accepted it was an accidental release even though China’s propaganda machine has been spreading rumors it was the US that released the virus. Manufactured, intentionally or mistakenly released; the mainstream news, and therefore the minds of the people, are focused on COVID-19.

The stories we don’t see represented in the news are the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the Chinese Concentration Camps filled with people from the Uighur minority. or the recent spate of violence in the Middle East including rocket attacks against Saudi flagged oil tankers and Iraqi bases with American troops. We also haven’t heard a lot about the Ukrainian Airlines plane that was shot down near Tehran,

The biggest bit of news we haven’t heard about; the UN investigation into the rocket attack at the Saudi Aramco refinery in Eastern Saudi Arabia. This Reuter’s article from January 9th tells us the UN doesn’t think the Houthi’s in Yemen had anything to do with it. Not a revelation; no one else thinks that either. The loyal Houthi’s tried to take the blame to get the heat off of their Iranian patrons. Here’s a list of interesting related stories.

The last we’ve heard about this event from the UN was in an article published by Reuters on December 19th, 2019, stating UN investigators are unable to verify weapons used in the attack on the Saudi Aramco refinery were from Iran. They probably don’t have the tech for a precision strike like that anyway. Remember a few months ago when we were all wondering if World War III was going to start?