Sexual Revolution Counter Attack!

The Elite use a false sense of morality as part of the psychological control of the masses. This keeps manipulators in control of the societies they will infiltrate in the future. The false sense of morality is based on sex because it is a basic drive and can be utilized to embarrass and even arrest and in some cases execute political opponents. Laws that prohibit sex out of wedlock for example are easy ways to eliminate rivals. The same can be said of homosexuality. These crimes need not even be committed; simple accusations in a puritan society are enough to discredit activists. How many people executed for homosexuality in Iran, for example, are actually homosexuals? Their courts are not transparent. “All have come short of the glory of God.”

The sexual revolutions resulted from awareness of these control techniques; historically instituted by religions and enforced by governments. This sexual liberation weakened the ability of the Elites to manipulate society. The failed attempt at impeaching Bill Clinton sounded a warning bell. The results of our society’s movement away from puritanical beliefs has been positive.

To counter this change in society the Elite have simply taken things to the other extreme. They have always used rape and torture; think of Romans in the Coliseum and Roman Catholics during the Inquisition. Rather than hide these servants and zombies, they have made them public and attempted to blame their existence on the Sexual Revolution. We know these men have always been there, raping and killing for the Controllers.

In a Nero-esque way the promoted theory is they are liberals without morals, not reincarnated enforcers of the status quo. It has even become a fascination of certain sub=culture groups who attempt to make violent rape appear popular and sexy. Sex as a tool (ie positive and negative reinforcement) works best in a world with puritanical sexual beliefs. If you hold a carrot in front of a donkey he will follow it, but not if he has all the carrots he wants.

It should be noted the number of mass murderers in US society who have been able to avoid prosecution for extended periods of time is astounding. And there’s the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, raping women during the protests while posing as protesters themselves.

The increase in sex crimes against children, again traceable to the Romans and Roman Catholic priests, is startling. Child sex trafficking has proliferated according to law enforcement, but for some reason seems difficult to stop. What is the driving force behind this phenomena?

Meanwhile, activists and persons deemed enemies of the state are constantly accused of such crimes. Julian Assange was accused of rape but the case was later dropped. Was there a case at all? A teenage girl read a written statement on the alleged sexual encounter she had with Vernon Howell during congressional hearings. Was it fabricated?

The main thing to understand is these crimes serve the purposes of The Elite. They could catch and stop persons committing these crimes at any time.