What is COVID-19 Doing to Our Minds

The Coronavirus pandemic is scary. People are dying and it’s got everyone’s attention. There is a shortage of toilet paper and no one is shaking hands. The news is dominated with coverage of the disease.

People are coming together to fight the spread and help each other in this time of crisis. The guys that had hoarded hand sanitizer ended up donating it all. Discord has expanded it’s room user number because people are staying home. Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ponies want you to stay home and even Mitt Romney (Mr 47%) wants to give everyone $1,000 to help ease the burden of quarantine measures. It really is amazing to see all the people stepping forward in this difficult time.

The problem is it has all of our attention. It dominates the news and our minds. There’s a lot more going on in the world. For instance: The US is withdrawing troops from smaller outposts in Iraq because of two missile attacks in the last week, story from CNN. North Korea just test fired a couple of ballistic missiles described in this Forbes article. Did I mention there are elections tomorrow?

It’s natural that people will be less focused on the rest of the world in a time of crisis. Consider this; this virus may have bred in a lab and intentionally released. Even if it wasn’t, hopefully people and not just the governments of our world are learning from this incident.