We all know there is misinformation in main stream press. These lies are to influence readers. The press will label anything they don’t like with the new catch phrase “Fake News.” It seems they don’t appreciate competition for their influence. They know best, or so they think. This belief has even manifested itself in arguments for internet censorship.

The intent seems innocent enough, white lies. The idea being to calm the populace or misdirect attention away from things the “public doesn’t need to know.” This pleasantry flies in the face of the principles of democracy. It also exhibits a certain arrogance on the part of the authors and publishers. Most of the good things in the world start at the bottom or middle of the sociological spectrum. The ideas gain in popularity and become initiated once sufficient pressure is put on government and industrial leaders. Climate change efforts are an example.

The biggest thing in the news right now is the COVID-19 virus. It’s coverage dominates the news. Here is the winner of the official and much coveted Capt McCoy’s BS Award on this topic.

Scientific Proof the COVID-19 Virus Was Not Created in a Lab? BULLS@#T!

This Forbes article goes to great length to explain the scientific research claiming the COVID-19 virus didn’t come from a lab. I’m not a genetic engineer but this I know: viruses evolve like every other living thing. Humans have exploited this fact with selective breeding for centuries. That is why we have a plethora of different dog species. That is why domestic pigs have larger hindquarters than wild ones. We bred them that way because the ham cuts are the most valuable.

To create a biological weapon requires no more than some lab equipment and some test subjects. Simply select the strain that shows promise of the desired results on the subjects and collect more samples. Rinse repeat until you get the effects you want. Virus reproduction is relatively rapid, so many generations can be run through in a short amount of time. The Chinese government doesn’t have any qualms about using prisoners for experiments. This Human Rights House article details how the Chinese government harvests organs from Falun Gong political prisoners. Breeding viruses does not leave genetic trackers that would appear any different than ones that would be present if the process were natural. There is no need for gene alteration technology to create bio-weapons.

We also know scientists from the lab in Wuhan China say the virus was being held in their facility. According to this 2017 Nature article, which has had a disclaimer recently added, the lab in Wuhan was holding the SARS virus for study and employees had warned of the potential for accidental release of said disease.

The Beijing sponsored South China University of Technology doesn’t think the virus originated at the Wuhan fish market either. This Investment Watch article details the claims. In their paper ‘The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus,’ penned by scholars Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao claims the WHCDC kept disease-ridden animals in laboratories, including 605 bats. Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, addressed the need for better lab safety and procedures to prevent future mistakes and outbreaks in this New York Post article.

Our press likes to kiss a lot of Chinese government ass these days. I’m not sure if this is for economic reasons or something more sinister. I get that keeping people calm in a time of crisis is a good idea, but misinformation is not going to help. Backlashes against oriental people in our society won’t stop because of it. Xenophobia will stop because the responsible press will point out the immorality and ignorance in such behavior. The rounding up and slaughtering of dogs, cats, bats and pangolins isn’t good either.

No outsider can say definitively if the virus was bred in a lab or not. The only people who know are the people who worked in the lab and they say it came from there The real question is if the disease was released intentionally or by mistake.