Remember #Soleimani and #WWIII?

The assassination of Iranian General Soleimani was done in such a covert manner even US spy satellites were unaware of the presence of the drone according to this Newsweek article. Downplayed at the time, this hit was a big deal. They didn’t want information leaked ahead of time by anyone in the US Intelligence network.

General Soleimani was responsible for conducting Iran’s proxy war against Israel and Saudi Arabia. He was the mind behind the supply chain for, and activities of, groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis. He was a great organizer. He was also an international player, having helped the US invasion in Afghanistan with intelligence on the Taliban locations. He also coordinated with the Russian Federation on events in Syria. His latest project was the organizing of Shia militias in Iraq.

That Soleimani, he was one beautiful mf.

This really kicked off things in Middle East. Rocket attacks and such. There was an attempt to start WWIII we think. The UN still hasn’t gotten back to us with that report on where the rockets that hit the Saudi Aramco Oil facility in the East Coast of Saudi Arabia came from. That report is still to be released.

But hey, it’s ok. There’s a new group, announced by the Middle East Eye; Usbat al-Thaireen (The Revolutionary League) just in time to take the credit for recent attacks on Iraqi bases where US personnel are present. Isn’t that special? Who are these clowns and who do they work for? They are really good with Jihad Jargon. Are they a militia or a political fabrication? I guess we’ll see. I’m still waiting on the UN Report.

I’ll let you all get back to reading about COVID-19, sorry to distract you from it with this petty little blog post.