Make #China Pay

Representative Jim Banks (R-Ind) has an idea; make China pay for the financial burden of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. They attempted to cover up the outbreak at first, a negligent act considering the effects on the world economy, the costs of healthcare and loss of life. CNS News is carrying the story.

This makes sense but I’m not sure how it could be enforced. The US, and other nations, could sue in the International Court of Justice. The problem is the US pulled out of it’s jurisdiction in 1986 because of Nicaragua vs United States which found the US guilty of violating international law in it’s covert (support of the Contras) war against the government of Nicaragua. The UN Security Council can enforce ICJ judgements but China has veto power just like we do.

It’s not a bad idea and could make a political statement. An alternative would be to impose sanctions and economic pressure. In the long run, getting to China to pay will probably be as effective as billing Mexico for the “great wall of Donald.”