Prince Charles

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Heir Apparent to the Throne has fallen ill with the COVID-19 virus. This is very sad news. Hopefully he will recover soon and with minimum discomfort.

I imagine with the current outbreak’s affects on the elderly we will be seeing some casualties among our elderly statesmen, religious leaders, authors and other influential people. The loss of experienced persons will cost us in ways most will not fully appreciate. Our culture is infatuated with the vigor, and inexperience, of youth. As our global community continues it’s journey into the future we need to look to the legacies and teachings of our elders as a surrogate for experience. In this way humanity can progress beyond the repetitive darkness of history toward a bright future. Read a book someone old wrote.

This link from Wikipedia is a list of notable deaths so far from the COVID-10 pandemic. Consider the implications of their loss on the future of our world. This list will undoubtedly grow.

According to People Magazine Prince Charles has communicated to Princes WIlliam and Harry his diagnosis in this dire time.

Not to be too rude, but Prince Andrew will still be pretty far down the list of succession (7) if Charles were to pass away. Epstein probably rolling over in his grave.

Best wishes to Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth who are currently self isolating.

In the meantime Prince Harry and Princess Meghan are enjoying some solitude. I still think the fishing would be better in New Zealand.