The #Prince of #Blackwater

You may remember Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, from such events as Hurricane Katrina, and the Nissour Square Massacre in Iraq. Prince renamed that company and then sold it and now has Hong Kong based company Frontier Service Group. What do they do you may ask. Prince’s company trains Chinese soldiers, policemen and security personnel.

The Washington Post points out that some members of Congress believe his training of soldiers from China, our biggest economic and military rival, is counter to the interests of the United States. Ya think? Actions of US mercenaries considered against US interests is grounds for the charge of Treason.

“He cloaks himself in the American flag when he’s seeking a U.S. contract, but he is the hood ornament of the new era of the military industrial complex and a set of mercenaries who work for countries, oligarchs and random billionaires,” said Sean McFate, a former military contractor who wrote a book about private armies, “The Modern Mercenary.” “The Pentagon and national security establishment view Erik as a pariah.”

The South China Morning Post questions if any of these soldiers are being used in concentration camps holding Uyghurs in Western China. “I am a businessman, not a politician, but I am also a proud American who would never do anything against my country’s national interest,” Prince said.

That’s great and all, but Prince was recruiting spies to get intelligence on American teachers. Who’s side is he on?

That Prince, he sure is one beautiful mf.