Most Interesting #COVID-19 Articles

These are the most interesting news stories I’ve seen about the Coronavirus pandemic.

1- The first news article is from, February 22, 2017. 2017? Yes, that’s right. In the article entitled Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens the lab in Wuhan China is discussed. The lab had become a maximum security biolab, studying dangerous viruses including SARS.

2- This Investment Watch article, Trump said he ‘didn’t know people died from the flu,’ but the virus took the life of his grandfather relates to the presidents former lack of knowledge on virology. Whatever possessed him to say something like that?

3- The Guardian is about the death of Chinese researcher Li Wenliang, who was arrested in December of 2019 for trying to warn people about the Coronavirus outbreak.

4= This article from the Daily Caller notes that representative Jim Banks Ind warned of the impending pandemic in January.

5- The Washington Examiner did this story on the FBI’s warning after the arrest of a Chinese scientist who was arrested at the Detroit Airport with vials labelled “SARS” and “MERS.” He said he was delivering them to an American researcher. I guess the guy wasn’t delivering them in an effort to prevent the affects of a bio terror attack or anything, because the FBI also arrested Charles Lieber, a specialist in nanoscience for making false statements about his connections to China’s Thousand Talents Program. The program has been labelled a form of nontraditional espionage.

6- Investment Watch ran this article on Feb 19, 2020 about how the South China University of Technology concluded the COVID-19 virus probably originated from the biolab in Wuhan. This article follows a previous article, also from Investment Watch from Feb 16, 2020 on the same topic. It quotes the paper