Meanwhile in #Hong Kong

The Covid-19 pandemic is on everybody’s mind right now. Good thing if it helps keep us conscious enough to follow social distancing guidelines. What most of the world isn’t paying attention to is the city near Wuhan were a struggle to retain a semblance of freedom is currently being waged. The city is of course, Hong Kong.

The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have been going on since June 9th, 2019. An extradition bill that would have allowed China’s Beijing government to have Hong Kong residents arrested and brought to mainland China triggered the protests. Hong Kong’s citizens do not want to become political prisoners in a country that boasts the Uyghur Concentration Camps with guards trained by Erik Prince. That is understandable. No one wants to go through brainwashing as described in this BBC article.

Today, in the South China Morning Post, 42 Hong Kong civil servants have had their jobs suspended due to suspected involvement in the protests. That’s right, the protests are still going on. It isn’t that surprising to some of us; the specter of socialism is that fear inspiring to people who live right next to it. The SCMP article states “meanwhile, the Civil Service Bureau also disclosed that 32 police officers received formal disciplinary actions such as reduction in rank, a reprimand.” because of their support for the protesters. The government wants them all to swear allegiance to the Basic Law, a sort of loyalty oath.