#Bernie Bows Out

Mr Sanders shut down his bid for the Democratic nomination to the office of President today, the story from The Pluralist. It’s been a long haul. The other nominees pulled out earlier in an effort to preserve the possibility the party actually winning the general election. Sanders held on longer, but hopefully not too long.

The stock market is up on the news according to CNBC. I’m not sure I would attribute the rise on Sanders stepping down but it wouldn’t surprise me. Stock prices are driven by investor emotions. Joe Rogan (story from the Epoch Times) says he’ll vote for Trump instead of Biden, having previously been a Sanders supporter.

So there it is. It looks like a Biden vs Trump race in 2020 barring any independents. Wouldn’t it be something if an independent won. There used to be a major third party in the US called the Federalists. Some nations have several parties that win seats in their legislative branch, then they form a coalition to get down to business.

Biden is going to have some issues with a rape accusation. This story from the Business Insider and this article from Vox talk about this issue. It’s as if some higher power set it up so we are going to have to be ok with an inexperienced loudmouthed surrounded by fascist advisors or are going to have to be ok with rape. There’s always Cthulu.