Will You Recognize Them?

One of the reasons tyrants have had so much success through human history is normal people don’t believe they exist. Tyrants rise through the institutions of men by charming people along the way. They know what those in positions of power want and they deliver. They will be the yes man and the doer of dirty deeds. They will cover for the missteps of their superiors. They will be promoted and rise to the top. They may have to slice the throat of their patron in the end, but they will get there.

When they finally preside over atrocities they will maintain the facade of righteousness, austerity and wisdom. Like the Grand Inquisitor presiding over ghoulish torturers at work in the dungeons. Forcing confessions in the dark, so he could claim it was all just. Then murdering the victims in public displays of sadism. Making the point the institution and it’s lords were not to be trifled with. After, they put on their robes and went back to preaching things they don’t believe in.

We have all read the history books, watched the documentaries. The purpose being so we do not repeat history. The question is; when face to face with one of those tyrants; would you recognize him? If you don’t believe tyrants exist, how could you realize what kind of person you were dealing with? It’s because most of us aren’t like they are. We can’t even see a purpose in this type of behavior. Life is too short, right?

Yet the atrocities are repeated time and again. If the Third Reich would have been successful, the history books wouldn’t mention the holocaust and those who do believe would be the conspiracy theorists. Talk about a role reversal.

The tyrants didn’t invent Christianity, they just took over the idea and made it easier for them to gain access to the top of the ladder. Indeed, the Catholic Church’s hierarchical structure was designed for that purpose. A pyramid, with very few at the top designating the words, actions and thoughts of those in the castses below them.

A diversified, power sharing, division of leadership is difficult for tyrants to overtake. Governments, churches and institutions designed this way are much more difficult for tyrants to take over. It’s philosophy of leadership as an intentional roadblock to abuse. To watch the work put into our system of government being subverted is heartbreaking.