#Snowden on Government #Oppression

The Covid-19. or CCP virus, has spawned many conspiracy theories. Of course it has. A free thinking society of questioning minds is not a bad thing. The lack of transparency in certain governments is. If you’ve followed my blog you know my opinion; it originated in the lab in Wuhan China. Was it intentionally bred to infect humans? Was it intentionally released? Was it a mistake or an accident that enabled it to get into the human population? Hard to say.

That might not matter, however, when you think of the bigger picture. As Mr. Snowden points out in this interview from RealClear Politics, what really matters is if governments take advantage of the situation to move the world closer to authoritarianism. It may have been a mistake but if deemed useful in efforts to gain complete societal control; they will use it in the future. It’s simply learning and adapting. We may see pandemics on a regular basis.

The damage to the US economy is substantial. Destroying democracy in the world can be facilitated by ruining the economies of the West, in particular the United States. Efforts to destroy the economy of the United States has been on course for decades. Deficit spending, the manufactured 2008 recession and prolonged, unnecessary wars have been weakening our financial health. Financial health and National Security go hand in hand. If people create a Socialist revolt that will be hijacked by members of the Elite anyway. or if the nation simply weakens and dies, forces against democracy have won.

A significant number of people are dying because so this disease. How easy would it be to make someone disappear at this time? Did Jeffrey Epstein hang himself? Was William Cooper accidentally shot by the police? Accountability needs to be enhanced in some way. The Patriot Act has already been used to arrest people without informing relatives or friends. It is also used to imprison people long term without a fair and speedy trial. The potential “plausible deniability” situations of a pandemic are obvious. It is just as obvious to those who would use a pandemic for ill means. The intent of some people to do these things has been demonstrated. This is for real.