Put in Psych Ward for Covid Protest

This news story from Zero Hedge, tells the story of German lawyer Beate Bahner. Bahner has won three cases in the Federal Constitutional Court and has written 5 books on German medical law. She called for a nationwide protest to end the tyranny of the covid-19 lockdown. She was soon after arrested and given to the custody of state psychiatrists who tried to label her as insane.

Using psychology to take the place of religion in society was Karl Marx’s idea. Never trust an economist. Psychologists are the only people in the United States who can incarcerate people based on their opinion alone. Members of the psychology community are allowed to act above the law and in violation of the constitution. It is a system left open for abuse.

The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe had a similar arrangement. They operated above the influence of kings and law. They had their own garrisons in each country, and could call on governments to provide men for a crusade at any time. They conducted Inquisitions, detained people indiscriminately, then tortured and raped them into confessions. Afterwards. burning them at the stake in a sadistic show designed to make people fear them. They understood mass psychology.

They then put on their robes and went about preaching things they didn’t believe in. All in the name of a man who saved a prostitute from being stoned by a superstitious mob. Why could they do this? The uneducated and overly religious people in the nations would revolt against their royalty if so incited by the clergy.

This system of dual law enforcement is also used in Muslim nations. In Saudi Arabia the Mutawa, or religious police, act as a second law enforcement agency operated by the clerics. They enforce moral codes according to the Koran. Interference from the Royal Family is limited. Their archaic forms of punishment are legendary. Stoning women is still a thing in Islam. Here’s a related article from the BBC.

This secondary system of enforcement exists here in the US today. Each state is allowed to come up with their own rules of confinement for reasons of psychological problems. The potential for abuse is obvious. Electric shock therapy, frontal lobotomies and other types of “treatments” are/were for nothing more than the satisfaction of sadistic therapists, and the enforcement of their will. The administering of psychoactive drugs that incapacitate the victims and leave their minds unduly open to brain washing and behavior modification is criminal. It is allowed because, much like the priests of the Inquisition, it is believed they are wise. This justifies them being above the law I guess, just don’t volunteer to be an altar boy.