It’s #Movie TIme

As we self isolate, stay at home and self reflect, we begin to have a deeper understanding of ourselves. We learn that being at home is boring as hell. After we burn through all the video games we wanted to play and teach the dog to drop dead when we point a finger at them and go “pow,” we realize the need for another mode of entertainment. Going to the theater is out of the question but today’s technology provides us with a way to enjoy cinematic entertainment in the comfort of home. There are upsides. You don’t have to miss a bit of the movie because nature calls. You can back up the show a bit if you want to see a scene again. No one’s going to give you hell for munching popcorn too loudly.

Presenting, the long awaited, and much touted; Captain McCoy’s recommended COVID-19 movie list, in absolutely no apparent order.

The Big Lebowski, 1998. A Coen brother’s hit starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman.

Land of the Blind, 2006. Starring Donald Sutherland and directed by Robert Edwards

Following, 1998. Directed by Chistoper Nolan starring Jeremy Theobald

Dr Strangelove, 1964. Directed by Stanley Kubric starring Peter Sellers, Peter Sellers and Peter Sellers.

Shutter Island, 2003. Directed by Martin Scorcese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Snatch, 2000. Starring Jason Statham and directed by Guy Ritchie

Delicatessen 1991. By directors Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring Dominique Pinon.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou, 2000. Directed by the Coen brother’s and starring George Clooney and John Goodman,

Serenity, 2005. By Jess Whedon starring Nathan Fillion

Metropolis, 1927. Directed by Fritz Lang and starring Afred Able and Bridgette Helm

Raising Arizona, 1987. Directed by the Coen brothers starring Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter.

Inception, 2010. Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ran, 1985. Directed by Akira Kurosawa starring Tatsuya Nakadai.