Was #Covid-19 Created Accidentally

The New Daily is running an article on the claims of a Russian microbiologist, Professor Petr Chumakov, during an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. Dr Chumakov says scientists working in the Wuhan China lab accidentally created COVID-19 while studying related animal viruses. He went on to say they were mostly doing what they were told, but used genetic inserts to alter the virus and had even tested it on human cells.

Well there you have it. A reputable scientists coming out and saying what most of us probably already guessed. Of course, his statements fly in the face of American, UK and Australian scientists who say the thing evolved in nature to cross into human hosts. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, says the claim is “groundless.” Dr Chumakov is advised not to drink glowing beverages in restaurants for a while. We can stand by for the character attack campaign to begin and, of course, Chumakov must be completely insane and talks to sex freak space gnomes.

In the meantime, the United States has pulled support from the World Health Organization. Mr Trump first suggested on April 7th the WHO was making political statements backing China even though they were accusing the US of creating the virus. Financing was pulled from the organization on April 14th (story from the New York Times), No replacement has been created or even suggested by the Trump administration. If these two stories are related is anyone’s guess.

The story continues that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

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