is Turkey Extraditing #Uyghurs to #China?

This article by Axios details the extradition treaty signed by NATO member Turkey and the People’s Republic of China. At issue is the requested extradition of a Uyghur Muslim named Enver Turdis. He leaked information to the Western Press about the mass arrests and concentration camps in China being used to destroy Uyghur cultural identity.

The article points out “The Chinese government has said its measures in Xinjiang are intended to fight terrorism and extremism, but academics and human rights groups say what’s happening is a cultural genocide on a scale not seen since World War II.”

This article from The Epoch Times talks about the methods of the Chinese government to oppress the Uyghrs including rape and torture.

The Chinese government claims Turdis is an Islamic State supporter; he denies this. The Turkish government is reviewing the case. If the extradition treaty becomes fully ratified the Turks would be required to honor Chinese extradition requests. Is this befitting of a NATO member nation? It amounts to accessory to Crimes Against Humanity. The whole situation demonstrates China’s growing influence in world politics and is quite disturbing.

Assimilation of ethnic minorities and their religions has been going on since the advent of nation states. The enslavement of the Jews by the Egyptians and Babylonians and their persecution by the Romans, the Catholic Church and the Nazis are examples. This isn’t the only example of course. The Roma people and indigenous people the world over have experienced similar efforts by tyrannical governments. During a mass murder event souls are left to reincarnate without their original societies being able to support their numbers. In other words they come back as members of the conquering “borg” society. Even if they are reborn with their original people their minority society is usually losing at least some aspects of their cultural identity. Along with this change is the loss of history from their perspective.

The free world and NATO in particular were formed in defiance of assimilation efforts of the NAZIs after WWII and the Soviet Union. The Marxist assimilation methods of erasing cultural identity in the name of “harmony” and “peace” is abhorrent and cowardly. Turkey should re-evaluate it’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China.