American Democracy in Peril

There are two sets of conspiracy theories floating around. They have many manifestations, but their are only two sets. They are Right Wing conspiracy theories and Left Wing conspiracy theories. Each side blames the other for the unexplained happenings and where they are leading out nation. They are both kinda right and kinda wrong.

What causes this phenomena is the events themselves. Politicians and civil rights leaders being assassinated and arrested on trumped up charges, the systematic neutering of Congress, the attack on the middle class, repeated “mistakes” that benefit socialist and communist causes overseas all make for a confusing picture. Limited in perspective, everyone points the blame at the other political party. It is in fact encouraged.

The truth is the people really pulling the strings don’t think like regular people. They don’t care if the peasants like the left or the right, they just need them to disagree. If they want to argue over abortion rights let them, it keeps them busy and guessing. The people on the top can send their daughters to the finest physicians in the world whether abortion is legal here or not-and no one is ever going to know. It’s not the things the two parties disagree on that are important, it’s the things they do agree on. Things like the “Patriot” Act, going to war in Iraq, downplaying the government’s actions in Waco Texas and repealing the Glass-Steagall Act were supported by both parties. The people really pulling the strings don’t want to hold office themselves unless absolutely necessary, they have underlings for that.

What has been going on has been turning our democracy into a dictatorship in disguise. We have been supplying Communist China with technology and money to such a degree it has become a world power. We have been driving our own nation beyond broke in so doing. We are on the verge of another Cold War. Censorship is on the rise and becoming accepted.

There is no Right Wing conspiracy and there is no Left Wing conspiracy, there is a conspiracy that envelopes both political parties.

In an article from the New Republic entitledRebuilding the Constitution” author Matt Ford points out we basically haven’t kept to the spirit of our founders with respect to governance. We’ve allowed the subversion of basic checks and balances and haven’t adapted sufficiently with time to maintain democracy.