Australian White Supremacist Gets Life

Brenton Harrison Tarrant was sentenced to life in prison today for his assault on the Christchurch New Zealand Muslim community (Market Watch). Tarrant attacked the Al Noor mosque and the Linwood Islamic Community Center, killing 51 and injuring 40. He posted a manifesto online and streamed the attack on Facebook. His activity almost brought down the QAnnon conspiracy board because 8chan (Infinity Chan) was shut down. The Q crowd moved on to EndChan.

Other backlashes of Tarrant’s escapade include several arrests and the strengthening of New Zealand’s gun control laws. New Zealand started a buy back program and confiscated 51,342 as buy-backs and 4,908 weapons under amnesty.

It makes one wonder why a man like this would carry out such an act. It isn’t effective as per his stated (and questionable) motives. What possible award could he be expecting? Is it possible he was under duress in some way? Does he think he’ll come back as a wealthy man for having appeased the great white gods?

I’m sure many Kiwis are annoyed their town, Christchurch, will be associated with an anti Muslim terrorist attack that was carried out by an Aussie. Hopefully we will all realize these atrocities are to the benefit of no one. Tolerance allows freedom, intolerance does not.