Dissidents Fleeing Hong Kong by Boat

Hong Kong has seen a rise in maritime patrols due to efforts by residents to flee to Taiwan. 5 escapees were taken to Taipei after drifting off course having run out of fuel the South China Morning Post reports. I’m sure they are glad the Taiwanese found them and not the Mainland China naval patrols.

Another group of 12 were arrested by the Beijing Chinese government attempting to flee by sea. The people were wanted for activities during the Hong Kong protests against Mainland China’s impending authoritarian rule over the previously semi autonomous city. One is Andy Li, arrested under the national security law for “colluding with foreign forces” for his part in the protests. He and the others are being detained in a mainland facility.

Approximately 200 Hong Kong protesters have fled to Taiwan, most on tourist visas. The government in Taipei is pro democracy and separatism. The issue of returning the dissidents to China is thorny. There is no extradition treaty between the two governments. The ex patriots could appeal to the Taiwan government to let them stay on the grounds there could be unduly harsh punishment for their political activities.