Puppet Mastery ( Series on Sorcery)

What you see and what you think you see are not always the same thing. When observing those out of body you are usually seeing a show. There is a mental struggle, but basically they can be taken over by those bigger ones. The individuals are being controlled by those who appear to be observers. Each individual is being controlled by a puppeteer posing as an observer. The puppeteers quietly stare because they are focusing. They don’t want anyone to know they are making the show happen. Some of them can control more than one puppet, apparent when more than one of the subjects are doing the exact same thing.

This is described in Masonic literature. It, and other descriptions of techniques is one of the reasons Masons (and Jews) appear in most conspiracy theories. Fact is the puppeteers do not like outside observers to know they are controlling what you are seeing. They blame the Masons for their own efforts at world domination. This is their modus operandi.

What does this mean? If you see a fight between individuals outside their body chances are they are being controlled by two puppeteers. It is possible the two puppeteers are really fighting each other but unlikely. More often the whole thing is scripted. The puppets are only moderately aware of what’s going on, sort of like a dream. This technique can be used to brainwash puppets, the sleeping or the dead. It can also be used to make someone believe they have been abducted. The winner and loser are scripted.

Control is taken by overpowering the will and usually draining some of the energy of the subjects. Their master, if they were traveling with one, has probably been overcome somehow. Means to do so include energy drain (vampirism), beating them down (violence), or rape.

Draining the energy of a subject is accomplished by elevating the subject’s center usually while holding onto them or hovering directly over them. If the subject knows how to do the same they will gang up on the subject. If the subject takes in more energy they will simply be giving that energy to the vampire.

Using violence to beat the person down has the effect of erasing their memory. When they awake back in their body and for the duration of their astral travel they will not remember anything they have heard or witnessed prior. If a big epiphany happens and everyone realizes something the puppeteers don’t want them to remember, violence and or rape will break out. The purpose is to erase memory of the epiphany. The violence can be inflicted by individuals in control or by controlled subjects who are together (friends) forced to inflict it on each other. The same is true of rape.

Sexual violence or rape can appear to be willing sex to outside observers. It can also be actual sexual violence.

While this is happening the controllers will be posing as observers and may make comments about how evil the victims are. In this way they appear to be righteous and not responsible for what is happening. These sessions are used to brainwash subjects as well, especially in the period between lifetimes (see case study links below). When there is a big show going on it is scripted to influence the psychic masses. If things go awry, they will often erase everyone’s memory and start again.