The Back Story of Jeffrey Epstein

The sordid story of Jeffrey Epstein‘s (Case Study) escapades with underage and young women dominates news. Ghisel Maxwell, former girl friend and cohort, awaits trail for her involvement. Everyone loves a perverse story.

Epstein was able to get close to some very important people. It seems he video taped all his parties and it is possible he had dirt on some important people. He had houses or rentals in New York, Palm Beach, the US Virgin Islands. London and Santa Fe. Ostensibly these places were positioned to give him access to the aforementioned VIPs. These were people like Prince Andrew, Donald Trump. Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson among others. Whoever was handling this guy was gaining some leverage.

The part of the Epstein story that doesn’t get much coverage is his involvement in the socialist plot to destroy the nation’s economy. Epstein’s fortune was gained in part through junk bonds and Bear Stearn’s, where he was a trader. Bear Stearn’s was one of the first companies whose collapse led to the stock marker crunch of 2008. He also worked as a consultant to ponzi scheme Tower’s Financia that fell apart in 1993.

One of Epstein’s clients was Adnan Khashoggi, another potential VIP he had dirt on. Khashoggi was instrumental in transferring funds during the Iran-Contra Affair.

The press, it seems, is not as interested in the other details.