Blue and Black

I am going to commit an act of blasphemy; blue and black don’t mean a damn thing. It’s supposed to be a way to blend in to the sky be it day or night; camouflage. Hopefully I don’t get burned at the stake.

The term beautiful means two different things to two different audiences that don’t talk to each other. To the one it means good, to the other it means a great liar; a beautiful mf. To both it means blue. The term deava means angel in Sanskrit and devil in Parsi.

The term goddamn mf refers to black, but any of them can use either color. Often that color is being imposed upon someone by one of the big observers. It may be imposed with or without the consent of the subject. The one’s using black are no more or less “sinners” than blue ones. The same guys will disguise their appearance by using different ones at different times.

The light and dark, blue and black is a mental illusion. It is an act to make people believe there are two forces at work. It is a deception to make people think they are simply watching a battle of good and evil, It is to keep them simply watching and keep them from getting directly involved. People are watching a grand act that distracts them from activities that really matter.

The act is scripted in such a way as to lay the blame on the innocent and cover the asses of the bosses. They will take on roles to take the blame for their masters actions, Alternately, the more powerful ones will refer to someone with the incorrect name. For instance, if you say Paul stole the donut, they start calling you Paul. When someone talks about Paul they would think about you.

The movie “Birth of A Nation” was about the KKK saving America and saving white women from getting raped by goddamn mfs.

If someone is be able to predict a future event we may call them a prophet. It’s just they have an inside line and understanding. The purpose of a warning is the hope an event doesn’t happen, either through intervention or the abandonment of the plan by the mfs.

Alternatively, the mfs might do what they were going to do anyway. Even though people have been forewarned to much planning, money and time have been sunk into a plot they will go ahead with it anyway. To shift the blame they will say it happened because the one who gave the warning is really calling the shots. They can believe it, that is misunderstand it, that is lie with their brain about it.

Have a nice day and remember, don’t believe everything they think.