CIA Contractor Spied on US Reporters

UC Global, a Spanish security company, is in court. The company is accused of spying on Julian Assange (Underground Newswire). The company’s CEO David Morales, a former Spanish special forces officer, was arrested on violating Assange’s rights, money laundering and illegal weapons possessions. The company was hired by the CIA to do the spying as they do not have the jurisdiction to spy on US citizens.

Some interesting facts have arisen from the trial. It turns out the company also spied on several US reporters. including Lowell Bergman of the New York Times and Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post. Even Assange’s friend Pamela Anderson was spied on. These people had personal information stolen and were subject to illegal spying by a CIA contractor but are saying nothing to the media. The media in turn is also silent.

Stefania Maurizi, a Spanish reporter who has filed a lawsuit said to a Grayzone reporter, “Imagine if Putin had done anything like this ,,, It would be a giant scandal all around the world. But instead, [US media] is saying nothing.”

The company even planned to bug the Ecuadorian embassy. The effort was sabotaged by one of UC Global’s own employees, who refused to plant the devices. The employee’s testimony is in this article from Shadowproof.

All of this is part of the ongoing extradition fight to bring Julian Assange the whistle blower to the United States to be charged for revealing the truth to the American people.