Suppression of Intel Reports at the DHS

Former head of the security branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Brian Murphy filed a complaint with the House Intelligence Committee (NY Post). He accuses heads of DHS, including former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, of pressuring him to modify intelligence reports.

According to the indictment the directors wanted his reports to backup the Donald’s rhetoric condemning Antifa and downplaying the risks posed by white supremacists. He states there was also pressure to suppress his analysis of Russian interference in the last US presidential election.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Murphy would be called to testify in front of the committee later this month. He called the allegations “serious.” Murphy claims his removal from his post with DHS was in retaliation for announcing his disagreement with the heads of the department.

In the first presidential debates against Joe Biden the Big T avoided condemning white supremacists (Blog Post). He later stated his condemnation of groups like the KKK and the Proud Boys.

Meanwhile, acting director of the DHS Chad Wolf released a well timed statement; “I am particularly concerned about white supremacist violent extremists who have been exceptionally lethal in their abhorrent, targeted attacks in recent years.” HIs statement accompanies a new report calling white supremacists the most dangerous domestic threat to our nation (US News).

The report says “These violent extremists, sometimes influenced by anarchist ideology, have been associated with multiple plots and attacks, which included a significant uptick in violence against law enforcement and government symbols in 2020. This ideology is also exploited by hostile nation-states, which seek to promote it through disinformation campaigns and sow additional chaos and discord across American society.”