Plot to Take Over Michigan

13 people were arrested and charged in a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The Wolverine Watchmen hatched a plan to kidnap the Governor and had further plans to take over State Governments, including Michigan, and try the Governor for “treason” (CNN).

For her part, Governor Whitmer blames Trump for his rhetoric and refusal to denounce racism in the United States. The details on the Wolverine Watchmen haven’t come out yet, but she is assuming they are a white supremacist organization. Frankly, so is everyone else.

What exactly where these guys hoping to accomplish? If they kidnapped the Governor and took over the State Government buildings they’d have a fight on their hands with local PD and guards. If they were successful they would be holed up in the building(s) and surrounded by the FBI. Then what? That would be the end of it; they would be rooted out. Molotov cocktails will not destroy police vehicles. They make a pretty fire and look great on TV. Besides damaging the paint job the cars would be just fine, as would the occupants.

If they hoped their actions would inspire others to take up arms against the Federal Government or other State Governments they are mistaken. No one is going to rise up against the government. Very few share their extremist beliefs. If any other groups joined in they would swiftly be detained or killed. These guys are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

What they have succeeded in doing is giving fuel to the politics of gun control. They might have created an event, had anyone joined in their folly, that would give the government the excuse to declare martial law. There would be gun control, and everything else control, in short order; a police state.

Maybe that’s the point. These guys, and guys like them, should question the motives of their leaders. Who came up with this hair brained idea in the first place? Nero?