Generally there are two kinds of people; conformists and non conformists. A conformist child born to conservative parents will probably also be conservative in their youth. A non conformist child born to hippie parents will also adopt a conservative viewpoint, to piss off their parents. Funny isn’t it? When you throw the understanding of reincarnation into the mix it gets more interesting.

Someone, or someones, figured out a long time ago that humans can be difficult to control. They found a solution to this frustrating problem. Controlling people is best done without their knowledge. If they know they are being manipulated they will resist. To that ends they invented duality. To control a society you must control the conformists and the non conformists. This is accomplished by providing them leaders. The two leaders will be able to dictate to each group what to think and must act as opponents, even though they are working together. Neither one can win a decisive conflict – eternal war.

Duality gives humans the illusion of choice. There can be no Yaweh without a Satan, or Ra without a Set. There’s nothing to compare. If God was a childish mass murdering tyrant people would revolt, If there is someone worse, God’s exploits could be explained as necessary in a war of good and evil. It is not apparent in the Tanakh if Satan punishes people for God or if he is God’s opponent; that’s left to us to figure out. There is more than one god in Bereishit, prior to Moses.

There are clues when people are being manipulated. Things that don’t add up. There are news stories posted that have vanished when we go back to reference them. There are events the news dismisses or explains away that leave us guessing. Having an enemy gives someone to blame. Any manipulative event that gets uncovered can be conveniently attributed to Satan, or the Jews, or the Muslims, France if the subjects are German – Germany if the subjects are French.

There could never be a One World Government because mankind would revolt and tear it apart. But, there could be a world ruled by two governments similar to the Cold War. To actually rule would necessitate control of those two governments. If threatened by rebellion the countries could stage a war, draft and eliminate troublemakers and carry on as usual. The politicians wouldn’t even have to be aware of it.

The trick then, is to set things up in such a manner ahead of time. One of the earliest known religions, monotheistic Mazdayansa, grew up next to the Vedic religion(s). The word daeva in Persian (or the Iranian languages) refers to evil beings, monsters and demons. The word deva or devi in Sanskrit (Avestan languages) is an angel or goddess. In fact most of the religious terms of the two languages are similar but have opposite meanings. Imagine two men from the cultures observing the same religious play.

It is interesting to observe the way world religions have evolved. Christianity went from people meeting in secret and being fed to lions in the Colosseum to the official religion of Rome. Two churches arose, the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. If both popes were talking to the same “god” without realizing it…. ? Islam arose from stories of a discredited prophet assembled into the Koran after his death. Soon after a rift (of family members) arose over who should lead the new movement giving rise to Sunnism and Shiaism – neither care for the Sufis just as few Christian churches appreciate the Gnostics. We have two parties; Democrats and Republicans.

I submit Marxism, with it’s socialism and communism, is designed with similar intent. The Thule society smuggled Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky into Russia before the Revolution. They also assisted the Nazis in their rise to power. Doesn’t it seem odd that two economic systems molded into quasi forms of government by Marx and Engels became bitter enemies? Does it even make sense the two groups have the same book as their “bible?”

Had fascist Germany succeeded there could have been a Communist regime in the Soviet Union and a Socialist regime in Western Europe. Neither would have been encumbered by religious history (illegal under Marxism) and no one would have thought to label their leaders Gog and Magog.